Every year, something monumental happens in the music scene, whether it would be an army of alt-kids taking over a mall show, a rapper taking over the country by storm on Tiktok or a DIY venue at the verge of crumbling after two shoegaze bands. Genres have multiplied into bubbles, ecosystems emerge as newer venues […]

EP REVIEW: Toots – Jargon State

There’s a lot to process in “Jargon State” – the debut EP of alternative-rock and indie-folk solo act Toots. For listeners, this may sound like the typical coming-of-age project in the form of a Donnie Darko-inspired backdrop. For Toots, it’s not easy being green; He embraces his own worth, the age that he’s in, and […]

DEMO REVIEW: cheeky things – demo

In the local DIY community today, Metro Manila outfit cheeky things arrived in the first quarter of 2023. Their URL story started with a Soundcloud page – a lone Duster parody – and a couple of noise pop covers. The five-piece follows suit to the IRL, championing a tweemo backdrop with the help of their […]

TRACK REVIEW: Japanese Surplus – unceremoniously

Written by Elijah P. Soundcloud in 2023 is rich in material to the point that solo artists are still celebrated to this day, whether it would be a bedroom musician making random notes on a toy piano to the nearest black metal project found in your local barangay. And one of them that shares the […]

EP REVIEW: Goon Lagoon – Rocket Peace

Written by Nikolai Dineros Elev8 Me L8r has no shortage of young, explosive rock-oriented bands to their name, but Goon Lagoon’s unapologetic take on grunge harkening back to the genre’s ‘90s roots proves to be their one defining aspect. The last couple of years has also shown us bits and pieces of what the band […]


Written by Nikolai Dineros A friend of mine once said, “Oh, Flamingo! is the definitive OPM band of this age.” It’s a thought that has since been stuck at the peripheries of my brain. I wonder if my friend was onto something or if it was just the alcohol talking. Oh, Flamingo! was at a […]

TRACK REVIEW: Sunkissed Lola – White Toyota

Written by Elijah P. Olongapo’s sole funky, alternative rock troupe Sunkissed Lola are to watch out for in the new batch of bands in the 2020s. From being introduced by Kiyo in more intimate gigs to being one of Wish 107.5’s most sought-after artists in terms of virality, Sunkissed Lola are aiming to get out […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Cheats – Houseplants

Written by Elijah P. After almost 5 years since their last album “Before The Babies”, alternative-rock 7-piece Cheats talk about everything that’s past after their sophomore album; everything that’s past the lockdown, and everything that’s past the grieving process in their latest album titled “Houseplants”. Housing over 12 tracks and running over at 49 minutes, […]