Written by Louis Pelingen Amidst the up-and-coming music collectives putting their marks this year with exciting sonic palettes on their sleeves, KINDRED stands alongside them with the utmost glee. The eight-member boyband that, based on their singles, music videos, and live performances alone, the remarkable quality shines through immediately with how much they work together […]

EP REVIEW: Toots – Jargon State

There’s a lot to process in “Jargon State” – the debut EP of alternative-rock and indie-folk solo act Toots. For listeners, this may sound like the typical coming-of-age project in the form of a Donnie Darko-inspired backdrop. For Toots, it’s not easy being green; He embraces his own worth, the age that he’s in, and […]


Written by Elijah P. Davao’s premiere hip-hop group PLAYERTWO is aiming to take over the Southeast Asian scene with their visceral take on the genre. They seemingly have the complete package of a unit: hooks that go on for days, a virtuoso mix of producers and rappers trading bar after every beat switch and a […]

ALBUM REVIEW: LIMBS – Everything Under Heaven

‘Massive’ would be an understatement to describe this album. “Everything Under Heaven” marks the third full-length release of the Manila-based Limbs, and it is perhaps their most colossal musical outing yet. Like a steel Eldritch creature you cannot look away from, “Everything Under Heaven” is a record that dwells from the underground to cast its […]

TRACK REVIEW: Oz Kabuhat – I Would

Written by Elijah P.  Local artists need to straddle between genres more often. It opens a door for many to experiment, find their voice in the noise and maybe even conjure up a new sound that nobody has ever heard before. But there’s a risk in being too odd. It may also lose your sense […]

ALBUM REVIEW: juan karlos – Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1

Written by Louis Pelingen The recent meteoric success of Juan Karlos stemming from one of the singles on their recent release, “ERE,” – enough to build enough traction to debut at no. 177 on the global Spotify charts – signifies how ingrained he has been in the local scene for the past couple of years.  […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Gabba – Recollections

Written by Louis Pelingen Constraints can be a demotivator towards an artist’s own journey towards creation, whether that be due to the limitations that they’ve struggled through either the environment that they’re in during a specific point of time, the collaborations with other creatives that need a specific amount of mutual understanding to follow through […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Noa Mal – The Anatomy Of Emotional Hijacking

Written by Louis Pelingen Starting around 2019 and onwards, no one is putting in the amount of output that Noa Mal has churned out year after year. In other parts of the world, there are a lot of artists like Noa Mal wherein they’re getting a widespread reputation due to how many projects they can […]

TRACK REVIEW: Ango – pull me up (break it off)

Written by Elijah P. Ango Paz’s own fusion of UK garage and Anti-pop is still making its way on the radar for many listeners all over. Heck, even Jung Kook’s hooky Seven or Pinkpantheress’ single worthy loosies or bootlegs prove to be more than just Tiktok worthy jams. Those tracks in particular are actual pop […]


Written by Louis Pelingen Back in June of this year, FEIFEI returned back in the scene with a three-track single called ‘YUM’ that included two pluggnb cuts and a Jersey Club remix of one of those songs courtesy of Showtime Official Club’s production. Those cuts, alongside the Jersey Club remix of ‘let her cook’ center […]