Written by Nikolai Dineros A friend of mine once said, “Oh, Flamingo! is the definitive OPM band of this age.” It’s a thought that has since been stuck at the peripheries of my brain. I wonder if my friend was onto something or if it was just the alcohol talking. Oh, Flamingo! was at a […]

ALBUM REVIEW: The Geeks – Sitcom Theme Songs

The Geeks hit their stride with their latest release – Sitcom Theme Songs! While their last EP “Weirdly! Relatable! Content!” explored the use of warmth by using tapes to re-record the EP, this album sees the band embrace contrast by singing about lost people and places brought about by the pandemic while having a trumpet […]

ALBUM REVIEW: The General Strike – s/t

Historically, the blues and folk rock music have always had this communal, almost spiritual connection to listeners all over the world. A genre that’s embedded in the African-American community in 19th century Civil War-era America and eventually imported by foreign distributors in the early-mid 20th century by vinyl or other sorts of cassette suppliers in […]


This year was full of surprises: whether you look at it from the perspective of an audience member lurking in the underground or a casual music fan who happens to stumble upon alternative music in the mainstream. The year 2022 was the year where we met all different kinds of folks from all walks of […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Cheats – Houseplants

Written by Elijah P. After almost 5 years since their last album “Before The Babies”, alternative-rock 7-piece Cheats talk about everything that’s past after their sophomore album; everything that’s past the lockdown, and everything that’s past the grieving process in their latest album titled “Houseplants”. Housing over 12 tracks and running over at 49 minutes, […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Whereistome. – First Edition God Complex

Written by Elijah P. Some music journalists claimed “First Edition God Complex” to be a first glance at a “hyperpop” or deconstructed version of pop in the context of the Philippine music scene. Meanwhile, producer and singer-songwriter Tome. describe themselves vaguely to be “pop”. Maybe as a form of guessing for music writers or listeners […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Blaster Silonga – My Kosmik Island Disk

Written by Elijah P. There are albums that collect singles, and compile every banger made by a band for the rest of their career. And there are albums that are built by the brains of musicians that are far better than their past material, way beyond that they are just artists inevitably shelved in online […]

ALBUM REVIEW: O.I. Research Partners – Speed Milk

Written by Elijah P. It is believed that Nueva Ecija-based art collective O.I Research Partners have found recordings of a different universe consisting of space cowboys, hieroglyphic spaghetti westerns, and literal drum machine worship. These findings are said to be secured somewhere in their facility, preserved to age like the best milk in town, kept […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Spacedog Spacecat – Fuzz Sounds

Written by Nikolai Dineros Spacedog Spacecat’s debut ‘Fuzz Sounds’ is a celebration of one of rock music’s most unique and divisive effect sounds: the fuzz. Notorious for its rich, grainy and exuberant tone, the fuzz box has been a staple among musicians across the decades. It is everywhere: from the early years of rock to […]