TRACK REVIEW: A. Piloto – In Light 

Written by Elijah P. 2024 is buckling up for a new generation of alternative rock: bedroom pop turned into grungier, noisier tangents that are partly inspired by the likes of Duster, blue smiley and Alex G. There’s sleaze and pomposity to the charming and ridiculously new fashioned crowd of indie scenesters and A. Piloto is […]


Written by Elijah P. SABINE sounds like she’s going all in with a full tank of ideas; both at an emotional high and a musical journey standpoint,  “Selfish” has traces of rock and pop leanings, almost going towards an experimental tangent with soaring vocals, a blaring synth and multiple guitar tracks. The casual ear may […]

TRACK REVIEW: Illest Morena – Slow Burn

Written by Elijah P. Illest Morena has the entire archipelago on the grip of her nails. Starting out slow and calculated in singles like “LOML” and “Faded (Raw)”, both of which propelled her to pop stardom. Her material doesn’t simmer down, but rather the generous giving of heat continues to burn all towering r&b pop […]


Written by Louis Pelingen MISTER MEYERS makes sure to put something out when the opportunity still strikes hot – that is to say, the wave of releases on January 1st that you can see piled on obscure Bandcamp features or the early RYM year charts. While he has been putting out music for the past […]

TRACK REVIEW: Arkyalina – readmymind

Written by Louis Pelingen The first couple of notes that start ‘readmymind’ will immediately sink you deep into arkyalina’s striking soundscape. A producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer in his own right, there is already so much going on with Tavin Villanueva’s composition work, bringing in so many ideas to bear. arkyalina’s tight and impressive pop punk-esque […]

TRACK REVIEW: Oz Kabuhat – I Would

Written by Elijah P.  Local artists need to straddle between genres more often. It opens a door for many to experiment, find their voice in the noise and maybe even conjure up a new sound that nobody has ever heard before. But there’s a risk in being too odd. It may also lose your sense […]

TRACK REVIEW: Ango – pull me up (break it off)

Written by Elijah P. Ango Paz’s own fusion of UK garage and Anti-pop is still making its way on the radar for many listeners all over. Heck, even Jung Kook’s hooky Seven or Pinkpantheress’ single worthy loosies or bootlegs prove to be more than just Tiktok worthy jams. Those tracks in particular are actual pop […]


Written by Louis Pelingen Back in June of this year, FEIFEI returned back in the scene with a three-track single called ‘YUM’ that included two pluggnb cuts and a Jersey Club remix of one of those songs courtesy of Showtime Official Club’s production. Those cuts, alongside the Jersey Club remix of ‘let her cook’ center […]

TRACK REVIEW: Crimason – Enough

The online personality of Miya Villeno – or also known by their username and moniker Crimason – is far from their usual high speed slapstick content and Stan Tiktok phase. It’s so far to the point that the music they shill online inspired them to venture on a music career of their own. Their latest […]


Written by Louis Pelingen SHNTI’s growth as an artist is one that felt nice to see. With her debut EP last year, she showcases an unsurmountable amount of potential realized as her skillset and charisma as a lyricist and a femcee shine through. 11 months later, Tabi Ka Sakin continues her glow. Her first track […]