Home to some of the spiciest dishes in Philippine cuisine and the beautifully shaped Mount Mayon, Bicol’s music scene is just as hot and active, with many names making strides from within and beyond their home province; DWTA, for example, has seen major success as of late, going as far as making it to the […]

ALBUM REVIEW: U-Pistol – Last Splinter

Written by Louis Pelingen A decade after he first popped up in the local music scene, Zeon Gomez has worn many masks under his belt through the multitudes of projects and collectives that he has worked on and contributed with, overall showcasing him as a jack of all trades within the local musical circles, namely […]


PURE BLISS NO WORRIES is the second album released by Bling, a Filipino-American band based in Los Angeles.  Irony is an ever-present theme throughout this 26-minute record. The grainy noise gradually builds up together like an anxious thought, unlike what the album title suggests. Another irony is that “build-up” never reaches an apex. The tracks […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Brickcity – We The Forgettables 

One thing I learned about Brickcity as of late: they still pack a punch, both literally and figuratively. As a 5-piece resting on their laurels as a cult band for the heavy music genre since the late aughts, they’re still going at it decades after being seen as the seminal post-hardcore band doing spoken word […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Memory Drawers – Memory Drawers

Written by Faye Allego Picture this: It’s 2014, your entire personality is based on photos of succulents with a VSCO app filter that is reblogged on your Tumblr page, a poster of Unknown Pleasures hanging by a thread (in this case, tape that has lost its purpose of sticking on the wall above your bed), […]


Written by Nikolai Dineros As 2023 comes to a close, GLASS, the silliest MAPEH rock band in town, kicks off 2024 with a new self-titled release chronicling the band’s 2-year-long songwriting journey from their 2021 EP release of the same – featuring three tracks from the album “Spice”, “Jones”, and “Buntot” – and a handful […]


Every year, something monumental happens in the music scene, whether it would be an army of alt-kids taking over a mall show, a rapper taking over the country by storm on Tiktok or a DIY venue at the verge of crumbling after two shoegaze bands. Genres have multiplied into bubbles, ecosystems emerge as newer venues […]


Written by Louis Pelingen Amidst the up-and-coming music collectives putting their marks this year with exciting sonic palettes on their sleeves, KINDRED stands alongside them with the utmost glee. The eight-member boyband that, based on their singles, music videos, and live performances alone, the remarkable quality shines through immediately with how much they work together […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Gabba – Recollections

Written by Louis Pelingen Constraints can be a demotivator towards an artist’s own journey towards creation, whether that be due to the limitations that they’ve struggled through either the environment that they’re in during a specific point of time, the collaborations with other creatives that need a specific amount of mutual understanding to follow through […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Noa Mal – The Anatomy Of Emotional Hijacking

Written by Louis Pelingen Starting around 2019 and onwards, no one is putting in the amount of output that Noa Mal has churned out year after year. In other parts of the world, there are a lot of artists like Noa Mal wherein they’re getting a widespread reputation due to how many projects they can […]