Written by Louis Pelingen After Armi Millare left UDD when that was announced back in 2021, the question now hangs in the air: what happens next for UDD? After 20 years as a band that mainly flocks in alternative rock with dabbles of electronica alongside Armi’s evocative vocals, this leaves the curious thought of where […]

ALBUM REVIEW: U-Pistol – Last Splinter

Written by Louis Pelingen A decade after he first popped up in the local music scene, Zeon Gomez has worn many masks under his belt through the multitudes of projects and collectives that he has worked on and contributed with, overall showcasing him as a jack of all trades within the local musical circles, namely […]

ALBUM REVIEW: juan karlos – Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1

Written by Louis Pelingen The recent meteoric success of Juan Karlos stemming from one of the singles on their recent release, “ERE,” – enough to build enough traction to debut at no. 177 on the global Spotify charts – signifies how ingrained he has been in the local scene for the past couple of years.  […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Gabba – Recollections

Written by Louis Pelingen Constraints can be a demotivator towards an artist’s own journey towards creation, whether that be due to the limitations that they’ve struggled through either the environment that they’re in during a specific point of time, the collaborations with other creatives that need a specific amount of mutual understanding to follow through […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Noa Mal – The Anatomy Of Emotional Hijacking

Written by Louis Pelingen Starting around 2019 and onwards, no one is putting in the amount of output that Noa Mal has churned out year after year. In other parts of the world, there are a lot of artists like Noa Mal wherein they’re getting a widespread reputation due to how many projects they can […]


Written by Louis Pelingen Back in June of this year, FEIFEI returned back in the scene with a three-track single called ‘YUM’ that included two pluggnb cuts and a Jersey Club remix of one of those songs courtesy of Showtime Official Club’s production. Those cuts, alongside the Jersey Club remix of ‘let her cook’ center […]


Written by Elijah P. Denise Julia is part of the Tiktok algorithm renaissance – wherein a surge of ‘sounds’ spread around in different prompts, elevating the song to a different ‘vibe’ throughout its online charting success – or for short, “NVMD” has transcended to becoming more of a disposable brand than it is a bookmark […]

TRACK REVIEW: Svvell. – Woozy

Written by Elijah P. Cagayan De Oro City’s Svvell are fresh off their comeback performances after a two-year-long pandemic-induced hum. For their latest single “Woozy”, it’s nothing too short of the mid-2010’s leather jacket-produced riffages and borderline accent aping. But that isn’t Svvell’s goal yet. “What’s in it for you and me” the lead singer […]

EP REVIEW: As Silent As The Forest – Tranquility

Words by Elijah P. Founded in 2015, progressive rock-slash-math rock trio As Silent As The Forest have personalized their arsenal into something more vigorous compared to holding-hands-in-the-air, tree-hugging milquetoast math rock bands out there. For a band that’s premised behind tree stumps, inserting atmospheric passages about the wilderness and the likes, ASATH have more what […]

EP REVIEW: Chimera Mix – My Pet Rat

Written by Louis Pelingen Sometimes, musicians can get very productive, which can result in them putting out multiple records or EPs that contain distinct or experimental ideas, both in the production and composition side. This gets frequent in the modern underground scene, where their work ethic, lack of label presence, or even just having an […]