Home to some of the spiciest dishes in Philippine cuisine and the beautifully shaped Mount Mayon, Bicol’s music scene is just as hot and active, with many names making strides from within and beyond their home province; DWTA, for example, has seen major success as of late, going as far as making it to the […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Amateurish – A gentle reminder to rest

Baguio is quickly becoming the new source of music in the Luzon archipelago,  birthing the likes of Dilaw and Turncoats. From the most unexpected of places comes a new entry into the math rock/emo/pop punk ring: Amateurish. Don’t let the name fool you, they are nothing but. With tight instrumentation and relatable lyrics, the quintet […]

TRACK REVIEW: Umo – Cream Flower

Written by Aly Maaño “Gutom na naman ako, alas dos ng umaga. O grabe na to…” I don’t know who I relate to more: the cat or the owners. After releasing their debut album last year, Cream Flower is back with a new single titled “Umo.” The dreamy track shares the POV of the duo’s […]


Written by J.K. Caray QC-based producer/rapper GRE!’s latest single is unlike anything you’ve ever heard from him. Released mere days after his other single “äll.gre!,” ‘Sa’kin’ shows a completely different side to GRE!’s capabilities, all without the cost of stripping his signature style. This track marks another turning point in his ever-changing discography. In a […]

TRACK REVIEW: japercc – Way too ahead

Written by Aly Maaño japercc is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Cebu who began releasing music on SoundCloud in 2023. Since then, he has been continuously serving the cloud rap scene with head-bopping tracks that blend synth-derived melodies and chiptune elements woven into rage trap beats. For your serial Playboi Carti enjoyer, one of his […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Memory Drawers – Memory Drawers

Written by Faye Allego Picture this: It’s 2014, your entire personality is based on photos of succulents with a VSCO app filter that is reblogged on your Tumblr page, a poster of Unknown Pleasures hanging by a thread (in this case, tape that has lost its purpose of sticking on the wall above your bed), […]

EP REVIEW: Salem and the Stellar Cats – “Salem!” 

Written by Jayne Caray Between shouting nyan’s and near-death experiences, what else can you possibly expect from a cat band? Well, after more than a year of anticipating drops; first with the release of “Reflections after Salem”, followed by “Ate Memy’s Halal Patir” and “Smores”, Pasig’s Salem and the Stellar Cats are finally out of […]

ALBUM REVIEW: LIMBS – Everything Under Heaven

‘Massive’ would be an understatement to describe this album. “Everything Under Heaven” marks the third full-length release of the Manila-based Limbs, and it is perhaps their most colossal musical outing yet. Like a steel Eldritch creature you cannot look away from, “Everything Under Heaven” is a record that dwells from the underground to cast its […]

TRCK REVIEW: girlcharmm – infatuation

Written by Louis Pelingen The ongoing output of this dream pop sapphic band girlcharmm aims to deliver letters for the heartbroken group of sapphic lovers in the Philippines. Their second single, ‘infatuation’, is a letter for those who yearn for that desired love, only to unveil the heartbreak within as the process of recovering soon […]

TRCK REVIEW: Edacity – comethru4u

Written by Louis Pelingen Edacity’s gradual shift towards hyperpop this year has lent him more potential for something to work with in the future. While the past cuts he pushed out in recent times still find him wading through the bubbly soundscape of hyperpop, ‘comethru4u’ puts his lovesick vibe splash through a flashy hook, glimmering […]