Home to some of the spiciest dishes in Philippine cuisine and the beautifully shaped Mount Mayon, Bicol’s music scene is just as hot and active, with many names making strides from within and beyond their home province; DWTA, for example, has seen major success as of late, going as far as making it to the […]

TRACK REVIEW: Polkadot – Unstuck

If you look up “Unstuck” by Polkadot, you might be thinking that the thumbnail looks vaguely familiar. Is it because of the digicam aesthetic? Is it the vocalist looking sideways? Or is it the entire screencap lingering across your algorithm, nudging you until it convinces you at the very last minute to check it out? […]


PURE BLISS NO WORRIES is the second album released by Bling, a Filipino-American band based in Los Angeles.  Irony is an ever-present theme throughout this 26-minute record. The grainy noise gradually builds up together like an anxious thought, unlike what the album title suggests. Another irony is that “build-up” never reaches an apex. The tracks […]

TRACK REVIEW: Mazerboy – Midfielder

Written by Louis Pelingen The smoggy bleak streak that Mazerboy started with continues forth with ‘Midfielder’, the newest cut that he has put out two years after he released his 2nd EP. This continues his brand of post-punk tapestry, all with a driving groove section and Mazerboy’s solemn vocal cadence, but the overall sound is […]


Written by Elijah P. SABINE sounds like she’s going all in with a full tank of ideas; both at an emotional high and a musical journey standpoint,  “Selfish” has traces of rock and pop leanings, almost going towards an experimental tangent with soaring vocals, a blaring synth and multiple guitar tracks. The casual ear may […]

EP REVIEW: Toots – Jargon State

There’s a lot to process in “Jargon State” – the debut EP of alternative-rock and indie-folk solo act Toots. For listeners, this may sound like the typical coming-of-age project in the form of a Donnie Darko-inspired backdrop. For Toots, it’s not easy being green; He embraces his own worth, the age that he’s in, and […]

DEMO REVIEW: cheeky things – demo

In the local DIY community today, Metro Manila outfit cheeky things arrived in the first quarter of 2023. Their URL story started with a Soundcloud page – a lone Duster parody – and a couple of noise pop covers. The five-piece follows suit to the IRL, championing a tweemo backdrop with the help of their […]

TRACK REVIEW: Toneejay – Parang Magic

Written by Elijah P. Since 2021, solo singer-songwriter Toneejay has gone through different phases: beginning in the trip-hop lockdown apocalypse of a debut concept album Odyssey and a woeful slowcore-folk of Kasama Kita. Now the Pasig-based artist has switched gears in “Parang Magic” – a loosie based on leather jackets, fun green screen shenanigans, and […]


Written by Elijah P. Terno Recording’s wunderkind Lory has stepped out of his comfort zone from being a lone bedroom pop producer from Parañaque to becoming a full blown three-piece with added layers in the mix. In his latest EP “Cramped”, you get to see Mikee Mendoza becoming more lethargic-sounding, scooping all the gruff and […]


Written by Nikolai Dineros A friend of mine once said, “Oh, Flamingo! is the definitive OPM band of this age.” It’s a thought that has since been stuck at the peripheries of my brain. I wonder if my friend was onto something or if it was just the alcohol talking. Oh, Flamingo! was at a […]