TRACK REVIEW: Haute Couture, KURI MAW, All Rights – Salarin

Written by Elijah P. As ‘genre-bending’ pop music continues to pervade the comfort zones of many listeners in the 2020s, a new crop of producers are on a mission to challenge the conventions of those pop genres they have been sitting on for the longest time. Take new blood producer Alice Lunafel’s Haute Couture project […]

TRACK REVIEW: Jikamarie – “Kailangan ko ng….”

Written by Elijah P. Angelica Ponce aka Jikamarie took the Tiktok world by storm when she released her debut single “Lutang” — a synth-y r&b track that encapsulates our feelings that are in an absent-minded state — where it drew in colossal streaming numbers, a bunch of niche micro celebrities lip syncing to the song, […]

TRACK REVIEW: SHNTI – Fuck it (im in love again)

Written by Louis Pelingen Even if this year’s Valentine’s day has passed, LIAB Studios‘ SHNTI shows that the declaration of love isn’t limited to that date. Like goodie goodie, this is a reworked version of the same song that was put out on her SoundCloud page a year ago. SHNTI described this as a new […]


Written by Louis Pelingen Island Records Philippines‘ Dia Mate lets you into her musings on her newest song, “Fantasy”. Her voice shows her passion and her struggle as she trudges through a relationship that she wants to keep alive despite the vulnerability that is shown in the lyrics. The sparse beats, hazy effects, and somber […]

TRACK REVIEW: Muri – Lately

Written by Sab Aguirre Releasing “Thunder” and “Tulog na” last year, Muriel Gonzales, also known as Muri, continued to produce nostalgia-driven melodies outside the shadows of The Ransom Collective, of which she is a member as violinist. “Lately” is a heartfelt journey towards self-consciousness, overarching the glee from playful guitar notes and the pulsating rhythm […]

TRACK REVIEW: Lyn Lapid – I Guess That Was Goodbye

Written by Elijah P. When it comes to dramatic pieces of a piano ballad, there’s a mix of melodrama, regret, and even remorse from the songwriter. There are times of reminiscing and nostalgia found in the subtle parts of its verses and a cathartic release by the chorus. And more often than not, the songwriter […]


Written by Elijah P. The mythology of Al James as an annual hitmaker begins to loom over many hiphop heads ever since the start of the pandemic. Memes, jpegs, and fan comments explain the deprivation of new releases from one of their favorite rappers. As the Baryo Berde mainstay’s absence began to stretch for the […]

TRACK REVIEW: Woochito – Validation

Written by Elijah P. Batangas-based solo artist Woochito’s vision in ‘Validation’ is nothing short of cliche. A beaten-up individual walks across several blocks way past midnight; bathroom breakdowns; and a couple shots that evoke a feeling of a daydream – it ticks all the boxes of an action-movie built for a bedroom pop audience. But […]

TRACK REVIEW: Arthur Nery – Isa Lang

Written by Elijah P. As music listenership and awareness continues to grow, a ‘trifecta’ or ‘holy trinity’ arises from the ashes of ‘OPM’ past. Rock music with feelings are the new ‘nostalgia’ acts, while industry torchbearer soloists Zack Tabudlo and Adie claim to become the flavors for a new generation of local music listeners. The […]


Written by Elijah P. Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. – a talent agency that’s known to house all upcoming ‘artistas’ and established personalities such as Catriona Grey, Empoy Marquez, and just to name a few – has gambled on producing an all-male idol group called VXON (pronounced as ‘vi-sion’) and their latest debut that launched not too […]