TRACK REVIEW: Shaira – Selos

Some call it “B-BOP” (Short for Bangsamoro Pop) and some call it “music you would hear at the public market” or straight up a “2000s Banger”, we call it a masterpiece. Moro Singer-Songwriter Shaira Abdullah Alimudin, better known by her stage name Shaira, has unexpectedly swept the charts with her single aptly titled “Selos.” If you think about the track carefully, there’s actual staying power with tracks that are as immensely effective as Shaira’s booming career alongside her Moro cohorts. The public perception of Disco Moro as being inferior shouldn’t stay any longer as the music thrives all over the country’s music scenes. 

Characterized by a rhythmic blend of colorful synths – whereas the melodies replicate the bamboo flute – and groovy electronic drums synonymous with Indonesia’s Dangdut and other varied selections of Western Disco and Malay Dance Music influences over the decades, Disco Moro has been a community staple for parties, weddings and other religious celebrations alike. But other than writing the celebratory anthems in Disco Moro, the most common themes are love, everyday dilemmas, etc. Shaira is one of those artists who proves that interest in Disco has never waned over the years among their communities. “Selos” is rich with hooks, humor and energy on a normal day. It is purely a pop anthem for many to listen.

While there are existing discriminatory efforts to bring the music down, there’s actual community support from her Moro Singers, ranging from Koronadal City, Lanao Del Sur, Marawi, and many more cities from Mindanao who have a heavy roster of talented keyboardists and singers who are fully booked for months. This is a call for celebration for not just Shaira as an individual artist living in Mindanao but for Moro Music at large.

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