TRACK REVIEW: koi. – Balingkinitan

Written by Elijah P. Dancehall’s time in the 2020s may be at its last legs with the rise of jersey club and drill still taking over the race of hip-hop’s production trends, koi takes it a step further by implementing a twist to it: sung wholly in Tagalog. Well, for the entirety of afrobeat and […]


Every year, something monumental happens in the music scene, whether it would be an army of alt-kids taking over a mall show, a rapper taking over the country by storm on Tiktok or a DIY venue at the verge of crumbling after two shoegaze bands. Genres have multiplied into bubbles, ecosystems emerge as newer venues […]

TRACK REVIEW: RB Slatt – Pahna

Written by Elijah P. RB Slatt is part of the vanguard of young r&b/electronic/rap producers blowing things out of the water with their string of singles and remix that are influenced by several internet genres from the 2020s. Lambasted by the mainstream hip hop community for their looks and execution, RB Slatt could care less […]


Written by Louis Pelingen This up-and-coming hip-hop collective hailing from Argao, Cebu is one to keep a close look on. Turning everybody’s heads this year with “Smoke Naka?” and its boom-bap production, loopy choruses, and slick flows, it’s easy to find yourself vibing to their hazy brand of hip-hop. These attributes lend true once again […]

TRACK REVIEW: Jeff Grecia – Elevate

Written by Elijah P. I have a proposition for all local hip-hop listeners: close your eyes, listen to Jeff Grecia’s “Elevate” and imagine a time in 2017 when Al James exploded in the scene and somehow spawned imitators in the scene to the point there was no turning back. Jeff Grecia’s “Elevate” takes the worst […]


Written by Elijah P. The internet has long existed to demystify many different art forms. From showing its bare bones to even revealing what is there and what makes the material in the first place. In music, there’s an ongoing debate whether or not an unfinished track with little to no final mixes made by […]


When it comes to a territorial takeover, Hev Abi does it in the most sinister way by inviting you to 1103 aka South Triangle, Quezon City. Beginning in the Memphis Rap influenced production to the modern-day ominous trap house presence, Hev Abi is looking forward to taking the entire region by storm this year.  “WELCOME2DTQ” […]

TRACK REVIEW: P4blo – baka magalit boyfriend mo

Written by Elijah P. The concept of “girlbestfriends” or “boybestfriends” in the year 2023 might be a ludicrous rap theme for older listeners. For those out of the loop, think of it as a zoomer litmus test of infidelity –  an archaic concept that traces back to the time when infidelity is still pretty much […]

TRACK REVIEW: Kiyo ft. Yung Peso – Puyat 

Written by Elijah P. Pampanga-based rapper Kiyo never really forgot his roots since moving from the ports of Navotas to the north side of Angeles not too long ago. His latest track “Puyat” offers introspection rather than the nostalgia trip of their previous material.  Time seemed to run out for the young rapper. It wasn’t […]

RACK REVIEW: Gre! – Staywme

Written by Elijah P. Once you hear the sound cues of ice bouncing on the glass and the keys bouncing a millisecond after the producer tag, you know that you’re in for a plugg showdown. Gre! – QC-based and aiming for Metro Manila’s best kept secrets – released “Staywme”, produced by dopamine, a little over […]