TRACK REVIEW: rhodessa – Kisame

Written by Elijah P. There’s no other label that has a strong personality and notoriety the same way Viva Records has today. They are at the top of their game in the music industry, almost like a giant standing among mortal artists climbing their way to the summit. But in their vast catalog of entertainment […]

TRCK REVIEW: girlcharmm – infatuation

Written by Louis Pelingen The ongoing output of this dream pop sapphic band girlcharmm aims to deliver letters for the heartbroken group of sapphic lovers in the Philippines. Their second single, ‘infatuation’, is a letter for those who yearn for that desired love, only to unveil the heartbreak within as the process of recovering soon […]

TRACK REVIEW: Chelly Lim – Paulit-Ulit (Sorry Na)

Written by Elijah P. The realm of anti-pop is starting to show its influence among many young up-and-coming artists locally, and Chelly Lim is one of the many artists evident of such style. Representing 314 Studios, he’s one of the pandemic artists that have released hip-hop back in the lockdown, releasing his debut EP in […]


Written by Elijah P. Suyen Pintor and the gang have performed unreleased tracks all around the Metro. After so long and so many online demos here and there, the time has come for her to release a recording of what has been the most lauded track in her arsenal. Being the most anticipated “it girl” […]


Boasted as “Budots Drill” for locals, Davao City’s BAHAW BOYZ samples the classic Budots ‘tiw-tiw’ in Sample Drill’s most outrageous entry to date. Aptly titled “CHOY”, the three-verse gunfire bounces along the “sayaw mga choy” sample in between its fire hazard New York-influenced drill production. The quintet has released a handful of loosies and underwhelming […]

TRACK REVIEW: kyleaux & k1ko – Gusto Kita 

Written by Elijah P. Philippine 2-step might be a pipe dream for neophytes who are born past the 2000s. But for others who’ve seen r&b delve in the corners of UK-influenced electronic music, “Gusto Kita” by 25 Hearts’ very own kyleaux & k1ko is a blessing for everyone born and adopted in the garridge and […]

TRCK REVIEW: Edacity – comethru4u

Written by Louis Pelingen Edacity’s gradual shift towards hyperpop this year has lent him more potential for something to work with in the future. While the past cuts he pushed out in recent times still find him wading through the bubbly soundscape of hyperpop, ‘comethru4u’ puts his lovesick vibe splash through a flashy hook, glimmering […]

TRACK REVIEW: Angelo Shinohara – sayo

Written by Elijah P. Angelo Shinohara’s TikTok account is nothing but your typical “pogi cover” singer-songwriter. Cherry picking the latest alternative in the musicsphere and earning 6-digit views day in and day out, Shinohara in the light is the cliche viral artist, but in the dark, he’s different. Enter the shoegaze/dreampop version of Angelo Shinohara: […]

TRACK REVIEW: Antemundane – A Throbbing Unbearable Thing

Written by Louis Pelingen Reality is often filled with environments and situations that are always changing and adapting, leading to crises that confuse and frustrate everyone. Antemundane, the solo project of Ivan Brosas from The Strangeness, steps into this lead single feeling the exhaustion of reality itself.  A gentle slice of alt-country with nods to […]

TRACK REVIEW: RB Slatt – Pahna

Written by Elijah P. RB Slatt is part of the vanguard of young r&b/electronic/rap producers blowing things out of the water with their string of singles and remix that are influenced by several internet genres from the 2020s. Lambasted by the mainstream hip hop community for their looks and execution, RB Slatt could care less […]