Written by Elijah P.

SABINE sounds like she’s going all in with a full tank of ideas; both at an emotional high and a musical journey standpoint,  “Selfish” has traces of rock and pop leanings, almost going towards an experimental tangent with soaring vocals, a blaring synth and multiple guitar tracks. The casual ear may find this an overwhelming sonic experience but for some actual supporters and the artist themselves, this is an experience all worth the taking.

Taking notes from their rock and pop heroines of yesterday, Galagnara’s vocal prowess takes center stage, acting as a driving force for the musical accompaniment to their introspective lyricism that takes place in their own protagonist’s mind. The 4-minute odyssey may be a drag as casual songwriting structure is concerned, but the sheer weight of the track crashing down to you may come off as either a rewarding experience or an unnecessary kick to the shins without any comforting ending. For the case of “Selfish”, the production is commendable as a step forward in polished bleeps and ringing distortion. However, it may be slightly overproduced and pushing to its actual limits that would overstay its welcome, rendering it slightly ineffective emotionally. On the other hand, the track has its fair share of breathing room for it to build up once again. Galagnara’s powerful presence does not overshadow the rest of the musicality as it tips at an upward direction, regardless of its flurry of emotional demon metaphors sitting throughout its lengthy structure. 

Overall, SABINE has the right amount of star power between her talented current batch of musicians in MINT College, but the argument would rather be framed as “Selfish” being a step forward to nurturing a better, more promising sonic palette for the institution’s musicians in the years to come.

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