TRACK REVIEW: Mazerboy – Midfielder

Written by Louis Pelingen

The smoggy bleak streak that Mazerboy started with continues forth with ‘Midfielder’, the newest cut that he has put out two years after he released his 2nd EP. This continues his brand of post-punk tapestry, all with a driving groove section and Mazerboy’s solemn vocal cadence, but the overall sound is treated a bit differently this time around. There is an implementation of dense layers of reverb on Mazerboy’s vocals as well as the jangling guitar feedback that sinks the atmosphere deeper into something closer akin to dream pop, an implementation that could have worked well if not for the sudden swerve towards the back half of the song, where despite the surf rock riffings, the overall result felt like piling up another tune fragment that does not effectively coalesce with the first half’s potent melodic foundation.

For what it is though, it is still a solid piece of post-punk dipping deeper into dream pop atmosphere and surf rock melodies underscoring Mazerboy’s usual tempered delivery and lyrical flavor. A refreshing expansion that still focuses on what made Mazerboy’s material work in the past from both compositions and textures alone. The gust of atmosphere might be a bit cloudy and heavy, yet never fazing Mazerboy’s stance at the center of it all.

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