TRACK REVIEW: japercc – Way too ahead

Written by Aly Maaño

japercc is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Cebu who began releasing music on SoundCloud in 2023. Since then, he has been continuously serving the cloud rap scene with head-bopping tracks that blend synth-derived melodies and chiptune elements woven into rage trap beats.

For your serial Playboi Carti enjoyer, one of his latest releases, “Way Too Ahead” produced by anthonyramx, passes as an instant banger. japercc successfully executes the low, slurred vocals akin to the mumble rap genre. The catchy, repetitive hooks and bass-heavy, gummy beats easily bring listeners to a codeine-induced frenzy. The high-pitched vocal swishes at the bridge add a playful flare before the second verse.

While it is a sonic treat, “Way Too Ahead” doesn’t stray away lyrically from the snazzy, braggadocio rap template. But overall, the outward swag and quality of the whole production compensate for its lack of lyrical variety and substance. japercc tastefully gathered and fused the ingredients to whip up an effortless bop for fellow flared jeans enthusiasts.

Although it might not fit everyone’s palate, “Way Too Ahead” makes sure to leave an impression; it adequately encapsulates what rage rap is all about. With japercc giving us a taste of home-cooked trap music, it’s exciting to know what he can bring more to the table. We’re just going to have to let him cook.

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