TRACK REVIEW: Illest Morena – Slow Burn

Written by Elijah P.

Illest Morena has the entire archipelago on the grip of her nails. Starting out slow and calculated in singles like “LOML” and “Faded (Raw)”, both of which propelled her to pop stardom. Her material doesn’t simmer down, but rather the generous giving of heat continues to burn all towering r&b pop stars of yesterday. She constantly drops the heaters until there’s no one left to follow in her own game. Like all competition, she’s achieved past the notion of going big or going home. Illest Morena’s newest single “Slow Burn” is an example of a walking oxymoron. 

In the track there are lyrics immediately contradicting her own checklist in a bootycall: “He’s sweet, but a lil’ spicy”, “Gusto ko nang barombado, pero may takot sa diyos”. Additionally, the pacing just goes straight to the show. Illest Morena drives the track bouncing, hydraulic-like melodies and cadence, all for the listeners to want in a track that’s centered in honest desire. There’s a lot to pick more lyrically compared to her more melodic cuts, but that doesn’t mean it is to dismiss it entirely. This goes to show how much there’s slight variety in cherry picking the best of her output so far. 

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