Written by Louis Pelingen This up-and-coming hip-hop collective hailing from Argao, Cebu is one to keep a close look on. Turning everybody’s heads this year with “Smoke Naka?” and its boom-bap production, loopy choruses, and slick flows, it’s easy to find yourself vibing to their hazy brand of hip-hop. These attributes lend true once again […]

TRACK REVIEW: Toneejay – Parang Magic

Written by Elijah P. Since 2021, solo singer-songwriter Toneejay has gone through different phases: beginning in the trip-hop lockdown apocalypse of a debut concept album Odyssey and a woeful slowcore-folk of Kasama Kita. Now the Pasig-based artist has switched gears in “Parang Magic” – a loosie based on leather jackets, fun green screen shenanigans, and […]

TRACK REVIEW: Showtime Official Club – 🎀 𝒮𝐻🍩𝒲𝒯𝐼𝑀𝐸 💮𝐹𝐹𝐼𝒞𝐼𝒜𝐿 𝒞𝐿𝒰𝐵 𝑀𝐼𝒳 ᑭᗩᒪIGOY-ᒪIGOY ᖇEᗰI᙭ TIK TOK VIRAL 2023 !! 💕😊

Written by Louis Pelingen In the Philippines, noontime variety shows capture the attention of the general public. For the past few decades, every household looks forward to shows like Eat Bulaga and It’s Showtime for a few hours of joy. These shows have become mainstays in our entertainment consumption, observing different segments featuring games, contests, […]

TRACK REVIEW: Japanese Surplus – unceremoniously

Written by Elijah P. Soundcloud in 2023 is rich in material to the point that solo artists are still celebrated to this day, whether it would be a bedroom musician making random notes on a toy piano to the nearest black metal project found in your local barangay. And one of them that shares the […]

TRACK REVIEW: raccoon eyed ronan – kailan(cover)_05♥01♥23

Written by Louis Pelingen & Elijah P. In the Philippines, the 2000s is a decade filled with early technological booms with the Nokia phones and the internet; y2k fashion smacked on the pop glinting magazines, commercials, and internet forums; the trends that keep the 2000s kids enlightened from the likes of watching anime, playing pogs […]

TRACK REVIEW: kyleaux ft. Never Paco – angel

Written by Elijah P. Makati’s prodigies kyleaux and Never Paco rep the 25hearts banner in a hazy collaborative track titled “angel”. After being filtered in webcams and IG love stories, the duo worked on a track that envisions a purple house show with smoke machines and contemporary r&b—dousing in cloudy production and vocal layers that […]

TRACK REVIEW: Sintasan – Sin In October

Written by Louis Pelingen  Among the sea of up-and-coming bands slipping across blends of gentle and effervescent murmurs of Dream Pop and Shoegaze, and the thorny and magnified observations of Post-Punk and Emo, Sintasan wriggles on the latter side, bringing another niche along the way.  Popping up since early December of last year, this quintet […]

TRACK REVIEW: Jeff Grecia – Elevate

Written by Elijah P. I have a proposition for all local hip-hop listeners: close your eyes, listen to Jeff Grecia’s “Elevate” and imagine a time in 2017 when Al James exploded in the scene and somehow spawned imitators in the scene to the point there was no turning back. Jeff Grecia’s “Elevate” takes the worst […]


Written by Elijah P. The internet has long existed to demystify many different art forms. From showing its bare bones to even revealing what is there and what makes the material in the first place. In music, there’s an ongoing debate whether or not an unfinished track with little to no final mixes made by […]

TRCK REVIEW: PETTE SHABU – bulbulin ka na

Written by Louis Pelingen & Elijah P. When it comes to looking further into the hip-hop that rumbles in eclectic and queer stripes, Pette Shabu follows through with pure, uncompromised ethos. From the multiple tracks she has released so far, she never dumbs down her brand of transgressive hip-hop tapestries as she nimbly steps into […]