EP REVIEW: BINI – Talaarawan

Written by Louis Pelingen With the news of BINI breaking new grounds on the Billboard charts and eventually dethroning Ben&Ben on Spotify in terms of being the most streamed OPM group in around 2 years, it showcases a grand successful milestone not just for BINI themselves, but for the P-pop scene in general: a hurrah […]


Written by Louis Pelingen The artistic bond that Neytan and Areli have made ever since ‘FAR’ has flourished into something ecstatic beyond compare. When they first put that song out in the spotlight, their musical chemistry gels in an instant as their melodies echo their sonic influences such as Brockhampton and No Rome, and the […]


Written by Jax Figarola Following shuichi’s well-received 2020 debut EP, “somniloquy,” he returns with “YEAR OF THE RABBIT,” a collection that invites listeners into a world of introspection and dream-like grief and longing. He presents a haunting blend of dream pop, bedroom R&B, and ambient electronic elements in music that creates a strong feeling of […]

EP REVIEW: Salem and the Stellar Cats – “Salem!” 

Written by Jayne Caray Between shouting nyan’s and near-death experiences, what else can you possibly expect from a cat band? Well, after more than a year of anticipating drops; first with the release of “Reflections after Salem”, followed by “Ate Memy’s Halal Patir” and “Smores”, Pasig’s Salem and the Stellar Cats are finally out of […]

EP REVIEW: Jikamarie – L0VER G!RL

Written by Elijah P. Jikamarie’s career in the music industry has reached another landmark. Ever since releasing a stellar debut single “Lutang” causing the internet to go head over heels during the lockdown. This immediately positions herself as a must-see act live, especially when Jika and company have opened for arena pop legends Coldplay for […]

EP REVIEW: vice* – syzygy

Written by Elijah P. Electronic artist and singer-songwriter vice* laces together the heartaches of emo-rap and the intricacies of glitch pop into a neatly tied debut EP. In a world where the Lil Peeps and Wicca Phase Spring Eternals have shifted into heavier and denser material, there exists a younger and fresh breed of producers […]

EP REVIEW: Toots – Jargon State

There’s a lot to process in “Jargon State” – the debut EP of alternative-rock and indie-folk solo act Toots. For listeners, this may sound like the typical coming-of-age project in the form of a Donnie Darko-inspired backdrop. For Toots, it’s not easy being green; He embraces his own worth, the age that he’s in, and […]


Written by Elijah P. Tarsier Records’ Maki ticks a lot of boxes for the casual pop r&b stan. Think of Jonas Brothers adopting Zack Tabudlo’s falsettos and the result of that amalgamation is the young singer-songwriter himself. After earning a fair amount of virality throughout Spotify playlists and movie soundtracks earlier in the year, the […]

EP REVIEW: Precal Dropouts – Little One, Travel Far

Written By Elijah P. Davao City’s Precal Dropouts are easy to spot in the current crop of local shoegaze, dream pop and post-punk revival bands. You have guitarists Josh and Jan Mark and bassist Ben going back and forth in scorching riffages and swells higher than the altitude of a souvlaki space station. In their […]

EP REVIEW: Shockpoint – Rhythm Zero

Written by Louis Pelingen  Right from the jump, Shockpoint breaks things apart like a Titan pummeling its way through with its heavy fists. They demonstrate their handle on Metallic Hardcore on their 3 track demo last year, equipping themselves with all forms of rage that they can muster; shredding everything apart as the drums crumble, […]