TRACK REVIEW: A. Piloto – In Light 

Written by Elijah P. 2024 is buckling up for a new generation of alternative rock: bedroom pop turned into grungier, noisier tangents that are partly inspired by the likes of Duster, blue smiley and Alex G. There’s sleaze and pomposity to the charming and ridiculously new fashioned crowd of indie scenesters and A. Piloto is […]

EP REVIEW: Goon Lagoon – Rocket Peace

Written by Nikolai Dineros Elev8 Me L8r has no shortage of young, explosive rock-oriented bands to their name, but Goon Lagoon’s unapologetic take on grunge harkening back to the genre’s ‘90s roots proves to be their one defining aspect. The last couple of years has also shown us bits and pieces of what the band […]