TRACK REVIEW: Umo – Cream Flower

Written by Aly Maaño

“Gutom na naman ako, alas dos ng umaga. O grabe na to…”

I don’t know who I relate to more: the cat or the owners.

After releasing their debut album last year, Cream Flower is back with a new single titled “Umo.” The dreamy track shares the POV of the duo’s orange rescue cat, Umo, who apparently doesn’t let them sleep unless they give him food. Although it started as a joke, the duo is successful in luring the dream pop/shoegaze/cat-loving audience with this new anthem. Surprisingly, the lyrics are sung in Tagalog; a shift from their usual choice, which adds a sentimental charm to the track, making it even more relatable.

When listening to “Umo,” Celina’s wistful, reverb-drenched vocals echo similar to how a lullaby is effective in your 2 a.m. sleep routine. Instead, the room swirls into a hazy, distorted dreamscape while you let your ears soak in Jam’s fuzzy, textured riffs overlapping with emotive chord progressions that invoke a somber mood. The song builds up to a grimy, distort-heavy guitar solo carefully subsumed with rippling modulations and delay. When it ends, the echoing juxtaposition of tones lingers for a moment, enveloping you like a cat’s warm, furry embrace. “Umo” is a hypnagogic hallucination. 

Surely enough, Cream Flower is another testament to Bicol’s electric and diverse music scene. From Sgt. Pepper’s Club in Legazpi to Quezon City’s favorite underground gig venue, Mow’s, this indie-pop duo is bringing noisy, colorful, crooning, and hypnotic textures of sounds to the stage from the Luzon’s North and South.

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